Are you considering mobile commerce technology to increase sales, but uncertain about security assurance? Are you wondering how to reliably guarantee customers that their private information won't be appropriated during transmission? Is there some way to protect your customer's information with 99.9% reliability - at a cost that won't break the bank?

Aeritas PaymentPass is your answer!

Aeritas PaymentPass uses our patented mixed-mode technology and convenient biometric security to secure a customer's wireless credit card transactions. A customer's unique voiceprint protects credit card and other private information, requiring only that a customer speak into their phone to make purchases. Aeritas PaymentPass supports multiple forms of payment so transactions can be executed with multiple vendors anywhere, at any time.

Why should I use the Aeritas PaymentPass?

Several features make Aeritas PaymentPass a must for m-commerce. It's easy to use because voice input is the most natural way to interact with a phone. It's secure, using voice verification that's 99.9% accurate (as secure as a fingerprint or retinal scan) to access confidential information. There's no need to speak sensitive information over non-secure airwaves. The voiceprint is centrally stored, so it can support multiple applications and forms of payment from anywhere and any phone.