Give Your Marketing the Mobile Edge

Drive traffic to your store, increase redemption and conversion rates for purchases, and raise your revenues through the use of discount coupons delivered as barcodes to your customers' mobile phones. Barcode images displayed on phone screens are then simply scanned at point of sale (POS) terminals just like paper coupons.

Immediately Measurable Results

The mobile barcode's use in retail for discounts or pre-paid purchases provides immediately measurable results for both you and your customers.

Contextual Notifications

For those customers who wish to be alerted, marketing messages in the form of sms messages can be sent directly to subscribers' phones. Notifications can be based on both a particular interest and on proximity to the store. With mobile phones increasingly equipped with 'location awareness' capabilities, it becomes even easier to drive traffic into your store. Further, driving business into a store by sending time-sensitive offers to customers, is an especially helpful strategy for businesses with perishable services or products.

Compatible Across Networks and Devices

The service supports leading mobile networks and works with existing web-enabled phones and PDAs, enabling any retailer to reach a vast majority of consumers.