Fast-Track Wireless Check-in and Security Solutions

Today's heightened need for security at airports during the check-in and boarding process is having an impact on travelers everywhere. Concerns about security, coupled with a lengthier process to board the plane, is having a dampening effect not only on frequent flyers but the overall profitability of the airline industry.

Aeritas FreedomPass Solves Today's Airline Industry Problems

Airlines need a fast-track system for their best customers to bypass the lines and go straight to the gate, while at the same time increasing security. The answer is Aeritas FreedomPass™ - a low-cost wireless check-in solution.

Faster, More Convenient Boarding

With FreedomPass, travelers conveniently check in remotely or at the airport using their mobile phone or PDA, and go directly to the departure gate saving them time and hassle. The FreedomPass solution uses best-of-breed voice biometrics and a patented electronic barcode that is dynamically linked to photo identification. Once the traveler checks in and their voiceprint is authenticated, a boarding pass in the form of an electronic barcode, along with flight information, appears directly on the mobile display. The barcode is then scanned and the passenger's identity is verified using a real-time photo that is displayed using existing equipment at the gate. It's that easy.

Greater Security and Control

The FreedomPass solution includes two critical points of security and verification that certifies 99.9% passenger accuracy (0.1% false acceptance rate). The first step of authentication includes a secure voiceprint match that verifies the passenger at check-in. The second step is the delivery of an electronic boarding pass in the form of a barcode that is dynamically linked to the travelerís stored photo for visual identification at the gate. The FreedomPass solution creates a low-risk, highly identifiable set of passengers that can also enable "fast-track" security checkpoints in the future.