Today's increasingly mobile marketplace demands a radical rethinking of traditional customer relationship management (CRM) practices. More than ever before, the customer is in control. As such, establishing positive and lasting mobile customer relationships (MCRs) is vital to success. Aeritas understands that mobile commerce is not about changing consumer behavior. It's about adapting to it.

Guided by this philosophy, Aeritas is redefining the customer experience for the mobile world by enabling businesses, like yours, to offer your customers innovative, user-friendly services to transact business anytime, anywhere and via any device.

Aeritas' principals pioneered the mobile barcode space. The Company has an extensive patent and intellectual property portfolio that spans 30 countries over five continents. The company's patented techniques, already in use, are revolutionizing new paperless transactions for sports, concert and event ticketing, airline, train and bus tickets and boarding passes, mobile payments, retail coupons, prepayments and customer loyalty promotions, and a wide range of other uses.

Aeritas LLC is a privately held company based in Dallas, Texas.

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